jueves, 19 de julio de 2012


We have always had a lot of questions. Where are we coming from? Who are we? Where are we going? Nobody has been able to answer them. We have pursued religions, esoteric schools, and study groups. We have travelled to India, to the pyramids of Egypt, to the Deserts of Gobi and Atacama. We have read about Ascended Masters. We have become interested in paranormal phenomena and especially in contacts of the third kind. However, the answers that we have always sought in the depths of our souls and hearts, have never reached us.
EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of Thoth, came to us to give us the answers and tell us clearly and precisely where are we coming from, who we are and where we are going. It explains who created the Universe and how. It tells us how and from what we were created and how our being works. The book explains in detail the origin of Planet Earth and our origins as human species. It situates us in that reality and tells us of other parallel realities and their relationship with us. It reveals how the Universe was formed and what it encompasses. It tells us that we belong to the Interstellar Cosmic Confederation, which has its base in Orion.
While reading these pages full of Knowledge, you will begin to perceive changes in yourselves. When you find the answers and these touch your most hidden ancestral memories, you will start feeling part of the all. You will no longer be orphans and will learn that you have a father-mother and that you are the beloved children of the Universe. This first book is the introduction to Knowledge, Understanding and Universal Love for the human beings of Planet Earth. It is important to use your discernment when reading it. It will help you prepare energetically to enter and be part of the Cosmic Alignment that will begin in the year 2014. Four important dimensions will enter into alignment bringing about incredible advances and breakthroughs to us and the planet, which will guide us to return to our origins… The Universe.
Dear Readers, EL SER UNO is grateful for the altruistic participation of a group of men and women from different countries, who offered their work selflessly to translate this first book, EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of Thoth, into the English language. Once again, we confirm “Our strength is in unity”.  We are Human Beings working for other Human Beings. We do this with love, dedication and solely for the Cosmic Service of Universal Union and Fraternity. Thank you, brothers and sisters on the path.  Together we are taking this beautiful journey of LIGHT and LOVE. May the Universe guide us always along the correct and true path of spiritual elevation.

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  1. Congratulations :D Enhorabuena por esa traducción a otro idioma internacional que también dará a conocer estas ideas e historias de los Ayaplianos a los Angloparlantes